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                  Driver Leasing Information

TirTired of dock workers, long waits, and un-paid empty miles?

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       It takes more than the ability to keep the door closed if you want to play a big game.  At Chicoda Carriers, we only allow first string picks to hit the field.  We don't recruit our drivers, we hire them.  Our drivers don't rush to get a parking space at the truck stop by six.  When they get there, they don't stand around admiring the glass figurines and cheap gifts, or worry about who's up next on the video games either.  We have things to do!

      Allowing average drivers to join the team, would only give us an average team.  We aren't interested in average.  Our mileage rates are higher across the board than the 'street' rates for the same freight.  We achieve that by providing our customers with only first string players.  We are always interested in someone that can run 3000 to 3600 miles per week, maintain a solid and professional work ethic daily, and be proud to say "late isn't an option".

     If you are interested in what we have to offer, you will be required to provide an accurate and detailed work history.  You will also have to provide old fashion references, people that you have worked for that will have good things to say about you.  You won't be hired in one phone call !


Full Lease...  This program is for those that want a standard lease package.   This program pays 80% of the gross, and we provide your trailer, dispatch, and fuel card.  We will set up your baseplate and insurance on a bill-back system.  All you have to do, is provide a tractor and a copy of your title, and leave the rest to us!   Or, you can provide your own trailer, and run on our authority w/ fuel card for 88% of the gross.

Dedicated Dispatch...   This program is for those who have their own plates and authority, but don't wish to dig for freight daily.  All that is required is a Dispatch agreement (which can be done by fax), and it puts you in play on our current runs.  If you furnish your own trailer, this option pays 90%.  We can provide a fuel card for an additional 1%, and if you need a trailer we offer trailer rentals at 8% of the gross.  (pending availability)   Dedicated dispatch availability is based on the number of Lease on trucks.  This program may be unavailable at times.

Basic Requirements: You must have 3 years OTR experience and be able to stay out for 2 weeks at a time.   This is 'forced dispatch' - We are here to satisfy our customer's needs, and we hire drivers to help us do it.  It also allows us to plan 2 or 3 loads in advance, so when you're ready for a re-load you aren't sitting all day waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

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Proud Supporters of 'Peterbilt Mentality' !

Please Note: We do not have an age limits on tractors.  However, your tractor must be clean and in roadworthy condition, and must be able to pass a full DOT inspection !!

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