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TirWhen it needs to get there, anywhere 'there' is !

       Out of 100 hoppers going down the highway, 99 of them will be home tonight...but not the Chicoda truck.  We are permitted for 48 states, and we run them.  Our customers depend on us 12 months a year, and to satisfy their needs, we don't take off during the year for harvest or local transfer.  We haul over 150 different products and their derivatives nationwide.  Quality Control of your product is never a concern as we are Food Grade certified by the FDA.  All of our trailers are air ride Timptes and Wilsons, and are vibrator equipped.   Our equipment is late model and well maintained as to avoid un-necessary delays in your delivery.

      Our toll free number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We offer our drivers and customers this support in case of a breakdown, accident, or weather related issues.  It enables us to be well informed, 24/7.  Our customers can also reach us in the event there is a load related issue that needs to be addressed after hours - such as a change in a pick-up number, or cancellation.


     Chicoda Carriers Inc. is not a freight broker.  We are a trucking company.  When you contract us to haul your freight, it is on a Chicoda truck that is also carrying our reputation.  Unlike brokered trucks, we know the name of the driver delivering your load, and as part of our team we know we can count on him.   We only sell service, and we only hire drivers that can help us with that goal.   The old adage "You get what you pay for" sometimes applies in trucking.  The problem with brokering your freight, is that you pay for a quality truck, but sometimes the person you hired to find one, may not!

     We take pride in our ability to pinch hit for our customers.  We don't limit where we are willing to go, especially when a customer is working with special circumstances on their end.   Helping you build your business, helps us build ours, and we strive to deliver above par service.  Building solid long term relationships with our customers is a goal we strive for daily. 

If you have any questions regarding what we offer, feel free to call us to discuss your Hopper needs!  


      Besides our mainstay hopper operation, we have been involved in various tank projects over the last four years.  The bulk of this freight was for a select customer who services oilfield operations in Texas and Louisiana.   We continue a presence in Midland, Texas, but we are also looking to expand into long haul liquids in 2015.  We have had request in this area for a couple of years, and look forward to expanding our operation to better service both current customers who have tank needs, and new customers we haven't had the pleasure to do business with yet.  Feel free to contact us regarding needs you may have in liquid transportation.


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