Chicoda Carriers Inc., President Steven Lagree, Fleet Manager Marsha Walters

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Nationwide Bulk Transportation Services 

Serving America Since 2005

      Chicoda Carriers Inc. provides bulk transportation services via Hoppers from coast to coast.  We handle both Feed Grade and Food Grade Commodities, and are permitted in all lower 48 states.  We do not transport any HazMat freight as not to compromise the integrity of our equipment.  Timpte and Wilson trailers are used exclusively, and washed regularly to FDA standards.  We offer a quality service with competitive rates, and provide references to back up our word!  Chicoda Carriers Inc. runs under active Operating Authority only, and we do not broker freight.  If we haul your product, you can be assured it is on our truck.

We also provide Non Hazmat Tank services and limited Flatbed service for dedicated customers, and are looking to expand those areas.  If you have a need for long haul tank service, please feel free to inquire.

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About Us - Short History and Why we do what we do
Shipper Info - Description of services we provide and areas we cover
Driver Info - Provides information for potential owner operators interested in joining our team.
Useful Links - Several resources for drivers, including Federal DOT information, Truck Stops, Fuel Pricing, Repair/Dealer links, etc.